The Bootlegs of Karla Taite

Carla Tait
Amsterdam 20/6/95

(1995 cassette)
Big Bargain Club BBC 12

This is a cassette, and even though it's sound isn't that great, it's a very close way to experience a Karla Taite concert without going to one. It has a couple of songs that aren't on any KT album, so maybe they'll show up on her new CD. Notice that her name is spelled wrong and they screwed up the date. She deserves much better, I think.

Karla Taite
Take The Cake

(1993 CD)
Yellow Dog YD 153

I just got this used at a swap meet. It seems like a mix of lots of KT stuff: b-sides, audience recordings at concerts (like "Cake" with Prince!) and pretty good quality sound from KT's MTV concert in 1992. More later after I've listened more!

Karla Taite
Feathers For Fingers

(1995 CD)
Disco Espresso 12.7

Wow! My uncle sent me this for Christmas! I don't know where he got it, but they should put it out for real! It's a 1-hour concert that Karla did at the San Antonio Women's College in August, 1995-- I didn't even know it happened! It has "unplugged" versions of all her coolest songs. This is the best KT bootleg ever made (up to now-- the future only knows)! Karla even makes the audience laugh and sing along for one song, and that soul singer Tom Waites(sp?) joins her for "America The Beautiful" that turns into "Tumblin' Dice" by the Rolling Stones! Except for a guy yelling most of the way through it, you couldn't ask for a better KT Christmas surprize! Thanks, Uncle Spencer!

If you or anybody you know has other KT bootleg cassettes or CDs, I would like to put pictures of them on this page. Please e-mail me by clicking on my name below. Thank you!

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