"Real Love," another Lennon piano demo, damn near the take seriously tweaked by Jeff, Paul, George and Ringo for the other new Beatles single. It be a 1:45 slice o' the 3:53 original, an 821k sun-au sound file. No, it's not the version from the "Imagine" soundtrack album, Chucko.

"Free As A Bird," the original John Lennon demo which serves as the basis for the first new Beatles single. This is a 1:31 excerpt, 715k sun-au sound file.

In this version of "Free As A Bird," tweaker and fanatic Brian Webster has laid the Lennon demo over the single, giving us a chance to hear the song without that eerie, fresh-from-the-grave rattle. Jolly good job, Brian! It's a 60-second, 1266k wav sound file.

Notorious San Diego classic rockers Rockola were so inspired by the Lennon demo above that they decided to extrapolate their VERY OWN PRE-FAAB version a full week before the REAL THING was released in 1995! Using their extensive talents, Beatlesque instincts and reports about new lyrics, they assembled the remarkable MP3 rendition of "Free As A Bird" that you may download here [4.6 MB]. Members of Rockola also put the imaginative finishing touches on George Harrison's June, 1964 demo of "You Know What To Do," a 4.1 MB MP3. Rockola puts on an amazing show. They can be reached in the USA at (858) 558-1966 or via their website at

During a satellite radio interview, Yoko Ono Lennon is coerced into wishing Scott a "happy birthday." (Coincidentally, Yoko and Scott do share the same birthdate.) This 25-second exercise in pathetic narcissism is living proof that no one is immune from the dreaded "buh-bye" affectation. It's a 200k sun-au sound file.

"Do You Want To Hold A Penis?," a three-second, 25k sun-au sound file of the "other" John Lennon demo which was later rejected by the Fab Three as too inadequate to artificially enhance.

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